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What to expect from the Be Bold Bootcamp

Apr 27, 2022 | Confidence Booster, Content Marketing Tips, In The Spotlight, Podcasts

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Would you love to be more bold when it comes to putting you and your pet business out there?

If you’ve been taking part in the Be Bold Bootcamp five day challenge this week, that’s what we’ve been working on.

And if you’d like to carry on with the good work and learn ways to promote your business that feel right for you, then listen up.

The Be Bold Bootcamp group coaching programme is the next step, and it’s starting next week.

In this podcast episode you’ll learn what to expect from the programme, who it’s for, what’s included, how it will help you, how much it costs and how to get involved.

You can listen in on the player link below or carry on reading the key points as a blog post.

What is the Be Bold Bootcamp programme?

It’s a group coaching programme made up of four live calls where we will talk about ways for you to get your pet business out there.

It can be challenging, finding the words to articulate what you do, why you do it and who you help, and I’ll show you how to do this in a way that feels right for you. 

You’ll be part of a group of pet business owners who share the same goal, to take bold steps to be more visible.

There will be live coaching calls, interviews with bold pet businesses to inspire you, a Facebook community to connect, collaborate and cheerlead one another.

You’ll have all the materials to keep and have support from me throughout the programme.

Who is it for?

It’s for you if you have a pet business and want to share your passion, your personal story, what you do differently and the impact you make.

Do you feel like a ‘best kept secret?’ Like you’re stuck in a hole when it comes to your marketing where no-one can see or hear you?

Like you need a ladder to climb out and be seen? That’s what this programme is all about.

If you feel shy about putting yourself out there, and see other people in your industry promoting what you do, and you’d like support to do the same, this is for you.

And you want to build your confidence so you can share your message to connect with the right pet parents and so they are drawn to you, this is for you.

Who it is not for?

This is not for you if you use negative marketing, or feel knocking the competition and putting people down is the way to promote your business.

I believe in you talking about what you do with passion and conviction so you shine and stand out.

There’s a saying I share lots with my clients and it’s ‘Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours burn brighter.’

If you disagree, this programme is not for you.

What kind of results can you expect?

The aim of the Be Bold Bootcamp free challenge is to help you start taking bold steps and putting yourself out there.

The Be Bold Bootcamp group programme gives you a framework to follow with support from myself throughout.

It’s not a self-study course where you’re left to watch videos alone and figure things out for yourself.

I’m with you every step, so you can ask questions, get personalised advice and feedback and I’m there to hold your hand as you do bold things.

If you come along to the live classes, implement what you learn, use the resources and hit post, send or share, you’ll start reaching more people.

That means more inquiries, more sales, increased confidence and self belief, more authority and impact and many more opportunities.

Right now you might feel icky or wobbly when it comes to promoting what you do. By the end, you’ll feel comfortable and confident sharing your offer.

In fact, you’ll feel you’d be doing your clients a disservice if you didn’t!

What’s included?

The programme has four modules, starting with understanding the fears we have around being visible and how to overcome them.

You’ll work on your pet business message so it’s clear what you do and you can promote yourself online and in real life with confidence. 

You’ll also figure out where your strengths are when it comes to talking about what you do? Is your communications superpower video? Do this! 

If it’s writing, we’ll figure out what’s the best way for you to share what you offer in a way that feels right for you, not painful.

We’ll tap into the story behind your business and how you can bring your story, experience and personality into your marketing in a compelling way. 

Plus you’ll identify where you need to be seen, where your ideal client or community is and how best to reach them.

You’ll also learn how to use the love you’re already getting from your clients and customers in your content marketing.

By the end you’ll be ready to go forth and be bold AND have a gang of cheerleaders by your side who are doing the same as you and willing you to succeed.

You’ll take my Bold Barometer test at the end to see your progress.

Get inspired to Be Bold!

You’ll hear from four awesome petpreneurs who are bold with a capital B whose stories will inspire you to be the same.

They are:

Sarah Jones from My Anxious Dog – she’s talking about what happened when she shared her personal story and the impact it had on her business.

Niki French from Puptalk – Niki is the author of Stop Walking Your Dog and shares her story about what it’s like to have a bold mission and put it out into the world.

Kerry Whitney from Frankie’s Bowtique – The UK’s most outrageous pet accessories creator. Kerry creates sweary bow ties, crowns, bandanas and more, and her sales soared when she started doing a Friday Feeling daft dance on Instagram.

Nadia Leguel from Wagit – Nadia put her big girl pants on and went on Dragon’s Den and shares her experience. Now that is BOLD!

How to get involved!

If you’d like to take part, we start with a Welcome Call on May 4th at 4pm and the first session will be on May 11th at 4pm.

The early bird price is £197 or you can pay over two months with two payments of £99.

On Monday May 2nd the early bird rate ends and the investment is £247 or two payments of £125.

Here’s the link to save your space.  Find out more about the Be Bold Bootcamp.

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