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Building a pet business and making an impact with Dom Hodgson

Apr 7, 2022 | Content Marketing Tips, Get in the Press


Are you looking to make more of an impact with your pet business?

Would you love to elevate yourself as THE expert in your field or shine the spotlight on your pet products?

Then you’re going to love my podcast with pet business marketing coach Dom Hodgson.

We talk about how to make an impact with your pet business and Dom shares some really simple steps to follow to make this happen.

Discover the different ways to get your service or products to stand out and what will make a difference when it comes to moving your pet business forward.

Listen in on the player link below or continue reading the key points as a blog post.


Can you share who you are and what you do in your pet business?

“I’m known as the ‘Pet Biz Wiz’ because for the past six years I’ve helped service-based pet businesses scale up, make more money, fix broken systems and really make an impact.

“Basically, I help people take back time and make more money with less stress.”

How did you find yourself in the pet industry?

“I was a song and dance man originally, then I worked at Imperial Tobacco for 10 years. When I left I wanted to start my own business and work outdoors.

“The only thing I was interested in was dogs, so I started a dog adventure business. It was a slow start but it eventually picked up and I even hired a staff member who opened an online shop with me.

“It didn’t really work out and I’d invested a ton of money into marketing and SEO people who had given me advice that didn’t work.

“So after that, I decided to get serious with the marketing and educated myself.

“My business blossomed, I started doing dog training events, wrote a book and spoke at events.

“People started to come to me for advice, and that led me to launch a coaching programme and the Pet Business Inner Circle which is the main thing I’ve been doing for the past five years.”

Learning to do things yourself is hard but do you find it’s the difficult things that you do that make a difference?

“Yeah, so we naturally try to fit in with other people but this leads to a lot of boring and beige pet businesses.

“You have to do the opposite, take the harder route. I see a lot of newer pet businesses who flip flop between different roles instead of getting good at selling the thing they’re already an expert in.

“The pet industry has grown, people always find the money for their pets. People need to get good at selling the thing they do right now.”

What are your thoughts on selling and what can people do to overcome their fear of selling?

“Selling feels like a dirty word, but it’s just communicating, it’s how you communicate with pet owners through selling and marketing and communicating and that’s what makes your business tick.

“Once upon a time, there was one of each pet business in every town or suburb, but now there’s so many.

“You have to do something to stand out and communicate effectively. Ultimately, the walking, training, grooming, daycare that’s what you do.
“And how much you get paid, how easy it is to bring people into your world is marketing and selling.”

Any advice for people who want to get good at this?

“Get a clear idea of what you want your business to look like, where does the big money come from.

“It’s really important you have a crystal clear idea because you have much more chance of ending up there.

“Then think about who your business is best to serve. Most people are happy to take on anyone with a pooch, they don’t think about the best dog owners to work with.

“Once you’ve decided on this you, eliminate the competition and position yourself as the expert who is the best at helping your particular subsection of the market.

“Then you can put regular communications, demonstration videos, books, guides, and useful information to show that you’re an expert.”

How can people do to get started?

“You need a system. That might be through a lead magnet, videos or handout. You need their contact details, so their email or direct mail so you can keep targeting them.

“Of the things and the different ways to communicate and the different social media platforms, to me, email is where I and most of my clients make their sales.

“People remain on your mailing list, they buy when they are ready to buy but ultimately you need to keep in touch with them – email is regular communication.

“Once you have a client, think about how you develop that client.”

People worry about regularly emailing people, but the only people we push away are the people who aren’t interested anyway.

“100 per cent, we don’t want pen-pals, the email list is there to sell. If you do it the right way, share personal stories, and communicate well you won’t annoy people.

“I email people daily, sometimes I send three emails on a Saturday or Sunday. Some people unsubscribe but it’s just because they aren’t ready or it’s not a good fit.”

Tell me about your upcoming event?

“This is the second Impact event, the first was in 2019 and it’s been the most postponed event ever.

“It’s called Impact as when people come to me, they know they have things they want to fix, and they want to make an impact through their services.

“They’re usually passionate pet people, so I wanted to put something on to attract people that understand that business and marketing is important.

“And that the better they get at it the bigger impact they will be able to have with their business.”

What people can expect from Impact?

“It’s a three-day event. On Friday we’re doing a roundtable event, called Get S*** Done.

“You’re doing a session on publicity, Vicki Fraser is covering how and why you should write a book and Alex Wardle is  talking about video and how these things benefit your pet business.

“On Saturday I’m sharing the pet business game-changers in detail, the big things pet businesses can do to make the most money and have the most impact.

“Amy Smith, creator of the Soundproof Puppy training app and Australia’s number one puppy trainer is coming over from Australia to tell her business story, it’s a really inspirational story.

“Then on Sunday, it’s a Day with Dom. I’ll be showing people how to attract the most affluent clients in your town, how to market to these people and how to extract wealth from your business.

“You can’t really put a price on the marketing advice you’re going to get, spending time with other pet business owners and getting to grips with it all.”

Want to find out more more?

Impact is taking place in Sunderland Friday 6th – Sunday 8th May.

Grab your ticket at www.petbusinessmarketing.com/

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