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What happens in a Get Your Pet Business in the Press session

Nov 24, 2021 | Get in the Press, Podcasts


Pitching to the press about your pet business can be daunting, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

That’s why I created the Get Your Pet Business in the Press one to one sessions, where we’re able to work together on your pitch or press release.

The sessions are held on Zoom and by the end you’ll have your pitch ready, we’ll have some titles and writers to approach and in many cases, your press release will be written. 

In this podcast episode, I’m sharing everything you need to know about working together one to one.

And if you’re listening to this or reading live as the episode goes out, you can take advantage of my free Q and A where you can chat about how to find stories in your pet business.

You can also get my Christmas Get In the Press Bundle which is a 60 minute one to one worth £147 and a Get Your Pet Business in the Press in 2022 workshop worth £47 and the price for both is £147.

To find out how a Get Your Pet Business in the Press session can help you, listen in on the player link below or carry on reading as a blog post.


What is a Get Your Pet Business in the Press session?

This is a one to one coaching session with me where we talk about how you can get your pet business in the press. 

There are two options, a one hour session which is £147 or you can opt for a half day session which is four hours focusing on your pet business, the cost of this is £497.

Who can benefit from a Get Your Pet Business in the Press session?

If you’re a business owner who sees the value of getting press coverage and want to help more pet owners understand what your business does then a session would be suitable for you.

It’s for any pet business who wants more people to know about their business and make more sales by landing coverage in magazines, TV, on the radio, and leading blogs or podcasts.

How do the Get Your Pet Business in the Press sessions work?

If you visit the Work With Me page you can see the two options and book from there, choosing between one hour or half a day.

Once you have booked and paid for your session you’ll be sent an email to confirm your purchase and you’ll be sent my Calendly page which is my diary where you can choose the best day and time for us to meet via Zoom.

I’ll email after the booking to ask for more information about what you want to talk about. I’ll also send you over some resources to help you prepare for our session so we can make the most of our time.

This might be a press release template so that you can get an understanding of how they work.

And if you’re just starting out with press coverage, I’ll send you a guide I’ve put together which has five steps to get in the press.

We’re all busy – especially when you run your own business so if you can’t do the preparation work it’s fine.

But it’s good to have something to get started and the more preparation work you can do, the more we can get into the nitty gritty and really use our time efficiently so you get the best value from your session.

What happens during the Get Your Pet Business in the Press session?

I absolutely love doing the calls through Zoom because it means that we can see each other and have a two way conversation.

It really helps me get an understanding of you, what you do, how you work and how you want to come across which is really important.

On the call we’ll cover everything from basic information about you, to why you started the business and your story idea.

We will work together creating the story, writing the press release or pitch, focusing on what photos or resources you can use and I’ll also give you advice on where to find contacts.

By the end of the call you’ll have a document with either a press release or pitch and lots of helpful information so that you’re ready to Get Your Pet Business in the Press.

What do people use the Get Your Pet Business in the Press sessions for?

I’ve worked with lots of different businesses on all sorts of stories, and here are some examples….

Ben Dodd from Adios Plastic was looking for press coverage for his eco friendly compostable poo bags. 

We put together a press release focusing on his mission to have separate bins for compostable poo bags.

After just a one hour session, Ben got his story in multiple media publications including Pet Business World, Edition Dog and The Guardian.

Wendy Thomson from My Three Cats who came to me because she wanted publicity for her cat sitting business. 

Wendy had done a lot of preparation beforehand and we wrote a press release on the call and collected contacts for local publications.

Within 24 hours Wendy had coverage in the Warrington Worldwide and then a few days later the Warrington Guardian which was brilliant exposure and resulted in bookings and sales.

Rebecca Walters from Pupstarts Breeders came to me for support with her November 2021 Dog Breeder Convention launch and her National Dog Breeder day launching this November 25th. 

Rebecca came for me because she wanted help creating a press release and pitches and to understand how to get maximum exposure for her awareness day.

We had a half day together where we worked on several pitches for different publications and a press release.

As a result, she’s lined up to be featured in Dogs Today, has appeared on BBC Radio London with Anna Webb and her local paper.

Jo Milnes, founder of Distinctive Pets wanted to generate some publicity around her awareness day, Muddy Dog Day which took place on the 30th October.

She received coverage in the Sun Newspaper, on Virgin Radio and had several pieces of local press talking about her business. Plus her awareness day trended on Twitter resulting in more visits to her website and massively raised her profile.

Finally, there’s Kirsty Skeates who runs a hydrotherapy business in Hull who has used the sessions to work on award applications.

Kirsty needed a fresh pair of eyes to help her demonstrate the brilliant work she does and why she’s applying for awards.

She went on to win the awards and used this to get publicity for her hydrotherapy business.

How to book your Get Your Pet Business in the Press session

In November/December 2021, I have a Christmas Get Your Pet Business in the Press special offer where for £147 you have a Get Your Pet Business in the Press session AND can come along to my Get Your Pet Business in the Press in 2022 workshop taking place in January.

The workshop is on January 5th at 1pm. It’s £47, and it’s where you can plan your publicity for the next year. 

It’s a live class, and comes with a workbook for you to fill in, and you’ll get the recording to keep so don’t worry if you can’t make it live.

You can book yours here Christmas Get Your Pet Business in the Press bundle for £147.

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Ben Dodd from Adios Plastic in Pet Business World

Rebecca Walters in Oswestry Advertiser

Wendy Thomson in Warrington Worldwide

Wendy Thomson in the Warrington Guardian

Jo Milnes in Bridlington Express

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