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Is my Get Your Pet Business in the Press programme right for you?

Jun 23, 2022 | Get in the Press

BlogIsGetINThePRessright for you

Is getting in the press something a focus for you and your pet business?

Perhaps you’re thinking of hiring a PR company to do this for you?

Or considering learning how to do it yourself?

If you see the value in being seen in newspapers, news websites, magazines, TV and on the radio and you have a pet business, my Get Your Pet Business in the Press is a way for you to learn how to go about it.

Listen in to what to expect on the player link below or carry on reading the key points as a blog post.

Who is the programme for?

It’s for ambitious and passionate pet business owners who want to make an impact and let more people know about the work they do.

It’s for you if you’re interested in learning how to get in the press and understand how the media works.

You see the value, you want to get known,to share your values and your mission, and you don’t want to be a ‘best kept secret.’

Perhaps you’re fed up of battling with the algorithms and pandering to the whims of the social media platforms and you want to try something different.

You want to be in control of the message that you’re putting out into the world rather than hiring someone to be the middle person between you and the journalist.

But doing it on your own can feel overwhelming, so by being part of a coaching programme you have the support and accountability to make it happen.

How will being in the press make you feel?

People who have accomplished this say…

‘I have more self belief,’ ‘I feel validated, and not like someone who just sits at their kitchen table making things,’ ‘People sit up and listen to what I have to say,’ and ‘I feel like people take my business seriously.’

Being in the press gives you third party validation from the journalist. It’s them, not you shouting about how great your product, or how you’re an expert. 

It helps build your confidence, it’s recognition of what you do, and you can stand tall and be proud.

What kind of impact does it have?

More sales, website visitors, inquiries, bookings, invitations to be on Dragon’s Den, invitations to pitch to investors, sign ups to your e mail list, followers on social media, invitations to speak at events, invitations to contribute to books, invitations to showcase their products at events, helped secure investment, helped win awards and much more.

The ‘do you know anyone who’ personal recommendations. People reply, ‘oh there was this dog trainer on the radio,’ or ‘I saw this product in Your Cat magazine.’

There’s the ‘Google’ impact. When someone searches for the thing you offer, your name keeps coming up.

And when people check you out and see your name pop up in news articles it enhances your credibility.

The dog trainer who is always in the paper, has a magazine column and is on the radio, stands out from the one who has a Facebook page.

Your business becomes more exclusive and the press works 24/7, helping attract people to you. It is a long term commitment and if you’re prepared to do the work, it will pay off.

What are the options if you want to get in the press?

You can hire a PR to do it for you, which can cost from £300 to £6000 a month with no guarantee.

You can learn loads on the internet and buy books, and there are amazing Facebook groups like FeatureMe and Lightbulb and Find Your Expert that share media opportunities.

Or join a programme where you’re given a simple framework to follow and accountability and support to learn to do it yourself.

Plus guides and resources, so every time you have a story idea, you follow the process that’s been laid out for you and get in the press.

Once you’ve learned this yourself, if you reach the point where you’d like to oursource, you know what to expect, what makes a story and can maximise your investment.

Getting in the press is challenging and most people don’t do it. If you do, you stand out from the competition, have the compound effect of being seen and reap the reward.

How is being part of a group programme beneficial?

Being part of a community where you’re all working together to the same goal helps hold you accountable and means you do the work.

There’s community, camaraderie and friendly competition. You see your colleagues accomplishing their goals and you want the same.

That shared experience keeps you motivated so you stay on track with your goals and create positive habits. 

You learn the theory and the implementation, with feedback from myself and others in the group whenever you need it.

It’s not a course that sits unopened in your inbox. I do the work with you. You get to meet journalists and chat to them so you know what they want.

You walk away fully prepared for anything you might encounter when working with the press, including what to do in a crisis.

You’ll feel confident and empowered, with a huge bank of story ideas and a system you can follow and repeat each time you want to get your product or service out there.

Is it the right time for you?

Without wanting to doom monger, we are going into a challenging time and to keep our businesses thriving it is going to take some graft and grit.

We can’t sit and wait for people to find our website or social media pages and with so many changes, relying on the platforms for income is on rocky ground.

Being in the press is easier and is more far reaching than social media. It can take as little as ten minutes to send a pitch and the article is there for decades.

Or you’re on the radio and this helps build trust in you and your business and drives inquiries. 

During the 12 week course, there are implementation sessions every week so you get the work done. 

We have a co-working session on Zoom so you can put aside that time to dedicate to your publicity work.  

You’re not just learning the thing – you’ll be doing it throughout the course and moving forward.

So how does it work?

Each week there are three sessions you can attend.

One is a class from the programme, live on Zoom. We cover lots of topics including putting a press pack together, creating a one sheet, building a media database, writing pitches, writing press releases, creating a press plan and what to do in a crisis. 

These classes take place on a Tuesday afternoon at 4pm.

You can attend my membership programme sessions. These cover forward planning, we have a monthly guest expert or workshop and a networking call.

These take place on a Monday at 5pm.

Finally, there are the co-working implementation sessions, where we spend an hour together on Zoom working on publicity. Come to the call, share what you’re going to do and do the work.

These take place on a Wednesday at 4pm.

There’s the private Facebook group where you can get feedback on your ideas, pitches, press releases and anything you’re working on.

If you like listening, there’s a members only podcast where you can tune in to sessions as you go.

All the recordings are stored in a membership portal which you can access from your phone or computer.

You also get access to my library of training, with workshops and resources on blogging, podcasts, creating FOMO, SEO, Google Analytics, pricing, mindset and much more.

Finally, we have group experts. Alison Price of House of Henry graphic design helps with branding, Rosie Robinson from Wuf Design with websites and SEO and Kerry Jordan with photography.

What’s the investment?

The group programme is £900 and you have the 12 week programme plus six months in my membership community, worth £180.

There is the option to pay in full or three instalments of £300.

The one to one option is £1200 and this is where we go through the entire programme in one day, and this also includes six months in my membership community worth £180.

This must be paid for in full.

Why I started the Get Your Pet Business in the Press programme

Back in 2009, I was working as a freelance journalist. I was on the road a lot, doing door knocks and interviewing people for all kinds of stories.

Then, I adopted my friend’s dog, Daisy, and my life changed. I didn’t want to be sat in a hot car all day, I wanted to be with her.

I started writing more about pets, and that led to me creating a pet blog in 2017, called www.thepawpost.co.uk.

Then pet businesses approached me to be on the blog, and when they realised I was a journalist, they asked about how they could go about getting media coverage.

After many e mails and social media messages sharing advice, I decided to take a month off work and sit and write a book and self publish.

That happened in 2018, and I opened a Facebook group for anyone who had any questions. That has since grown into a community and a podcast.

And some people wanted more than the book, one to one, so I started offering these, then an online course, then a membership, then a podcast.

That takes us to where I am today, where supporting small businesses is the majority of the work I do.

I believe getting in the press should be accessible for all businesses, not just TV dog trainers and high street retailers with huge budgets, so it’s why I created an affordable alternative where you can learn to do it for yourself.

Want to learn more about joining the programme?

Click here to book a call: https://calendly.com/rachelspenceruk/discovery-calls

Sign up and save your space here: https://publicityforpetbusinesses.mykajabi.com/GITPJune2022

And hear from pet businesses who have done this and the impact it’s had for them!

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