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7 questions about the Publicity for Pet Businesses coaching programme

Feb 3, 2020 | Get in the Press

Publicity for Pet Businesses online programme

Would you like to understand easy ways to get publicity for your pet business?

The Publicity for Pet Businesses online coaching programme is for petpreneurs looking to elevate their brands through media coverage.

The thought of dealing with journalists to get PR can be scary.

And knowing what makes a story is something business owners need to understand if they’re going to be successful in pitching.

That’s what the course is all about but with any investment, it’s natural to be concerned your money is being spent wisely.

Here are some of the most common questions and concerns about the course answered.

I haven’t got anything interesting to say

So many people think this. When it comes to getting publicity, there’s a misconception that all you can talk about is your business.

It’s only when you spend time with a journalist – me – and meet other journalists which you will on the programme, that you see how many stories you do have to share.

Kate from Dotty4Paws was worried she didn’t have stories in her pet business but knew she had a personal story about IVF she felt was part of her journey.

We worked together to ensure she was happy to put this emotional experience in the public domain and it led to a feature in the Independent.

You can read it here: My IVF journey was hell 

I don’t have the money at the moment

Lots of the people who joined in my PR challenge and the last one in September said they would love to take the course but couldn’t afford it.

If you’re reading this and you’re interested in getting publicity, you probably know that getting in newspapers and magazines or on the TV or radio puts you in front of more potential customers.

Being in front of more people = more money and sales.

Let’s look at Kim from Leo, Charley and Me. Before the course she admits was ‘sat in front of my laptop not having a clue how to get people to my website.’

Three months later, having been in the Daily Mail – readership 40 million worldwide – she is now shipping her collars all over the world.

Here’s the story if you’d like to read it: Boris Johnson’s dog gives pet accessories firm a boost

Kim’s business was just starting but she saw the value in investing and it paid off.

I’d rather get someone to do it for me

To hire a freelance PR will cost you upwards of £350 a month for a minimum of three months and in that time they won’t guarantee you will get coverage.

If you’re thinking of hiring a PR agency you’re looking at between £500 and £3000 a month and, again, few will guarantee PR success.

Learning how to do it yourself means you save a huge amount of money.

If the time comes when you are ready to scale and hire someone, you know what to expect and the right questions to ask to ensure you pick the right PR.

I already know a lot of the stuff in the course

You may have already had press coverage thanks to responding to a request in a Facebook group like Feature Me or #journorequest on Twitter – that’s brilliant!

If there’s one thing I tell every pet business owner I speak to, it’s to follow these.

There is a lot more to the course though. You learn about crafting your pitches, writing press releases and e mails that get opened, and how to repeat it over and over.

Plus you meet journalists and influencers who are working on stories and campaigns right now you can be part of so the advice you get is up to the minute.

Most valuable of all is the camaraderie and accountability with all the group spurring each other on to succeed which is something you can’t get doing this on your own.

How will I know if it will work?

I can guarantee you unless you’re running a doggy daycare where you beat the guests, having publicity for your pet business can do you no harm.

Appearing in the media will elevate you among the other pet service providers in your area, or the many other product makers.

It will get people talking about you and what you do. And when a customer or a potential customer puts your name into a search engine, they will be impressed.

How much money have you spent over the years on other things? Things like social media, Google ads, stalls at events?

This programme is £749 with the option to pay weekly over 10 weeks or in three instalments over three months. Here’s the link if you’d like to find out more:

Publicity for Pet Businesses online coaching programme.

What you will learn you will be able to put into practice forever.

The person taking the course isn’t right for me

I am not everyone’s cup of tea. My background is tabloids and many people don’t like this.

My presentations aren’t super polished because I’m not very ‘powerpoint.’

But I have passion and ideas, I will get excited and jump up and down about stories.

I have contacts, know how to make a story work and I get results.

What if I don’t like it?

For the first time, I am having a refund policy.

If you sign up and put the work in for the first month – by this I mean attend every session and do each task – and decide it’s not for you I will give you a refund.

This is because I want people on my course to succeed and have a positive experience.


If you’re considering taking part in the programme but have a niggle that’s holding you back that I haven’t listed here, please do drop me a line.

One of the reviews I had in this morning was that ‘journalists are lovely and non scary,’ which totally made my day.

This course was created to take the scariness and overwhelm of dealing with the media away – to help you learn that getting coverage can be easy and painless.

If you’d like to join the next programme, here’s the link:


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