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Group coaching for pet businesses

The Get Your Pet Business in the Press programme is a 12 week course where you learn how to be your own publicist.

You don’t need to hire a fancy and expensive PR firm. It’s not as time consuming, scary or complicated as you think.

There’s is plenty you can do to get your pet business out there in the media.

Why is this important? 

We have so many plates spinning when it comes to our businesses. 

Social media platforms popping up every five minutes, email marketing, newsletters, websites, the list is never-ending when it comes to ways we try to reach people.

Did you know only 50% of people are on social media. 

Imagine if you could reach the other 50%, who are not being bamboozled with a daily onslaught of social media marketing. Then you really could stand out from the crowd!

When you appear in a newspaper, website, magazine or on the TV or radio, you’re reaching thousands or even millions of people without having to navigate algorithms, insights and the hundreds of other pet businesses on your patch. 

You’re supercharging your visibility in one powerful blast. 

No obsessing about writing endless posts, hanging out in ALL the groups, engaging or commenting. (although this is important too)

What’s the impact?

Say what you want about the media, but being featured helps you ‘rise above the froth.’

It gives you that X Factor, the star quality that has people clamouring to get on your books. 

You become the superstar pet professional on your patch that people are falling over themselves to work with. 

You build your reputation, trust and authority. The papers don’t quote every Tom, Dick and Harry you know, you really are special!

Imagine your product featuring in Woman and Home, Coast or Good Housekeeping. How many small pet businesses can say that? 

And how many readers will see you and check out your website and social media?

This is visibility x 10.

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Caroline Wilkinson  – Barket Place

I have been featured in the Telegraph twice, the money pages, confused.com, BBC Radio multiple times, and various other press publications and podcasts. 

Before, when it came to publicity, I felt I had knowledge that was worth sharing but wasn’t sure about the best way to help support a wider audience of pet parents. 

With Rachel, I learned how to take the tips and stories we have at Barket Place and make them into relevant content that works for the press. 

Now, I’m connecting regularly with journalists and the result we’re reaching a new audience and I’m able to instil a know/trust factor with potential clients.


How does it work?

The only requirement to join my Get Your Pet Business in the Press coaching programme is that you’re super focused and committed to putting the work in to raising your profile with publicity for 12 weeks.

I can show you how, but you have to be willing to do the work.

This is how you will get the best results.

You’ll work with me and a small group of pet businesses with a common goal, to learn effective and exciting ways to promote your work.

Every month there are LIVE coaching calls on Zoom so you can ask questions and get personalised feedback and ideas for YOUR business.

It’s not a load of videos you may never watch – most online courses have a ten per cent completion rate.

That’s why I teach this live, so you finish and get the results you signed up for!

Each session is recorded for you to watch and refer back to if you need it in future.

The programme is continually evolving to reflect the changing media landscape.

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Rowan Williams – Pooch and Pineapple photography

I was nervous about publicity as I didn’t have anything that would be of interest, and the idea of ‘putting myself out there’ really triggered my imposter syndrome!

Being part of Rachel’s programme has been really supportive and confidence building! Firsty, the group is really friendly and provides an excellent sounding board for ideas. 

And secondly (and most of all!) Rachel is a very clear teacher, who lays things out simply and makes big daunting tasks manageable. 

I’ve been in The Daily Star, Team Dogs, The Manchester Evening News and The Sheffield Star. 

I used to think that PR was something that other people did because they were experts, had big budgets or a big network. But with Rachel’s guidance I have learned how to do it myself.


What’s inside the programme? 

Here’s what you’ll learn on the programme broken down week by week.

Module 1

Your pet business message – You’ll learn how to articulate who you are, what you do and why you do it

Module 2

Create your press kit – Here you get everything you need in one place so you’re ready to pitch your story to the press.

Module 3

Media wishlist – Work out the titles you’d love your business to feature in.

Module 4

What makes a story – Learn what journalists are interested in – and what they don’t want to hear about.

Module 5

What stories do you have? Chances are you already have TONNES of stories journalists could be interested in, you just need a little help to find them. And once you learn how to find your first story, you’ll find they’ll keep on coming!

Module 6

Pitches and Press Releases – Learn how to write email pitches that get answers and press releases that get published.

Module 7

Using social media for publicity – Journalists are on social media every day looking for people like you. Learn how to make the most of these opportunities!

Module 8

Step into the spotlight – This module includes a mock interview to help you prepare and feel confident talking to journalists, plus advice on what to do in a crisis.

Module 9

Creating a publicity plan – Learn how to keep up your good work and get more eyes on your business all year round.

Bonus – Meet the journalist
You’ll get to meet a journalist at national or editor level live on a group Zoom call where you can ask them anything and learn what journalists want.
Get yuor pet business in the press workbok


The programme comes with a workbook to keep everything you learn together, plus access to the Publicity for Pet Businesses Facebook community.

Each month there’s a Q and A session and a workshop, guest expert or meet the journalist session.

If you’d like to continue with support with your pet business publicity at the end of the programme, you can join the community for £30 a month.

Sign up for the next intake here.

Pay in full £900

Pay in three installments of £300

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Emily Thomas – K9TrailTime

In three months I featured in two national newspapers, two leading dog magazines and a running magazine as a direct result of Rachel’s input, giving my business a fantastic boost.

I’ve also won a small business award and set up a national day dedicated to active dogs. 

The support from the other group members has been fantastic and I’ve had a number of opportunities for me to promote my businesses through collaborations. 

I genuinely wouldn’t have expected such amazing results, so quickly and from a simple, concise system of working which hasn’t swamped me with loads of additional admin. 

So if you’re thinking of signing up just do it, you won’t be disappointed and the benefits for your business are unlimited.


Speaking and Guest Expert sessions

Looking for an expert to speak to your clients or community about how to get in the press??

I’ve spoken at events and created training for organisations like The Pet Industry Federation, APDT, APBC, Pet Professional Network and Epic Dog plus dozens of Facebook groups.

As well as having my own podcast, I LOVE featuring on other shows like Bella Vasta’s Bella In Your Business, Tori Mistick’s Woof, Wag, Repeat, Dominic Hodgson’s Poodle To Pitbull, Nick Benger’s Dog Talk and Janet Murray’s Build Your Online Audience.

Want to chat about a guest expert session for your community?

Download my media pack with bios and images here.