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Honest review of Janet Murray’s Build Your Online Audience Programme

Oct 27, 2020 | Content Marketing Tips, Podcasts

Build Your Online Audience Review - Janet Murray

Are you thinking of joining Janet Murray’s Build Your Online Audience membership programme?

Would you like to learn how to get more eyes on your business on social media platforms and online?

Perhaps you’re thinking of launching a blog or podcast or YouTube channel and you want to create a buzz before you get started?

If the answer is yes, then the Build Your Online Audience programme is a way of increasing your visibility and following.

PLEASE NOTE: I am an affiliate for the programme and if you read this post and decide to join via my link, I will be paid a commission.

This doesn’t affect the price you pay and this is an honest review of my personal experience of the Build Your Online Audience programme.

You can listen to my review on the player link, or continue reading this blog post.

What is the Build Your Online Audience Programme?

It’s a membership community run by Janet Murray, a former Guardian journalist turned content marketing expert.

Inside is a range of courses but the signature programme is Build Your Online Audience which covers the essentials for anyone wanting to increase their following online.

Each week there are a number of live calls held on Zoom.

There is typically an Office Hour, where Janet covers a range of topics to support entrepreneurs.

Working on your own can be tough so the community element is a real positive and the Office Hours cover challenges business owners face.

Recent topics covered have been mindset and productivity, and managing your finances.

Then there is a class from the Build Your Online Audience programme.

Each class can be used as a standalone lesson, and the idea is you work through the programme step by step.

There is also a Facebook group  where you can connect and network with other members, share what you’ve been implementing and get advice and feedback from other members and Janet.

For example, following a class on branding, members shared their brand boards and people in the community commented on what they liked and suggested changes.

The Facebook group is also a place where members can share the more difficult side of being a business owner and get support when they need it.

This isn’t a membership where you rarely see the person behind it. While she has a team, Janet teaches the classes live, is present in the Facebook group daily to check on threads and is there to support members.

I have been on other courses where there is no direct access to the person whose name is on it, or only via a Facebook live where there is no opportunity for a two way conversation. This isn’t the case in Build Your Online Audience.

This is what it looks like inside of the member’s portal

What do you learn in the Build Your Online Audience Programme?

The programme has nine modules and is continually repeated throughout the year.

You can join at any time and each module works as a class on its own right.

For example, the final session is about nurturing and growing your e mail list.

You could do this session without having do the previous eight.

But the course is designed to flow naturally.

I imagine when planning it Janet would have pictured a new business owner starting out and thought about what they would need and structured the programme accordingly.

So if you’d just launched or were thinking of doing so, you might want to learn about branding, set up your social media, start an e mail newsletter then nurture your followers, and it would be in that order.

Here are a few examples of the sessions.

There is a pre-course, The Science of Audience Building which explains why it matters.

Session One is Nail Your Niche and this class is about creating a brand or business that stands out and that people remember.

Session Four is Choosing Your Platforms and this covers social media and how to establish the best places to hang out online for your business – so you don’t get frazzled doing them all.

Session Six is Unforgettable Social Media with a focus on creating viral content and getting comments and shares so you reach more people and your followers come back.

Each class is taught live, and you can watch the recordings inside the membership portal, and download workbooks and other resources.

Why do you need to build an online audience?

If you want to sell either your services or products online, you need people to know about you so they can buy from you.

If you have a bricks and mortar business or work face to face with people, you need to be visible online so people can see what you have to offer and recommend you to others.

So having an audience makes that possible.

Janet Murray Media Diary

Janet also has a media diary and planner included as part of the Full Janet Murray Experience

What else is included in the Build Your Online Audience Programme?

There are two types of membership.

The Full Janet Murray Experience which includes a year of Premium Level Membership.

Plus you get a Media Diary, ticket to 2022 Sorted, the recordings of the event and the 2022 Sorted Club.

This is a quarterly forward planning session where you can go along to a live class and plan your content.

The Full Janet Murray Experience is £599 and you can find out more here: Full Janet Murray Experience

Then there is Premium Membership.

As a Premium member, you get the Masterclasses included – recent ones include ‘Teacher Training for Online Course Creators’ which was AMAZING and ‘How to write stylish e mails.’

Masterclasses are usually sold for £66 each and last around 90 minutes.

They’re live on Zoom and you get a very comprehensive workbook.

You also get to access the courses and these are mega thorough, but also easy to follow.

Recent ones include Getting Started on YouTube, Blogging Success Formula and Instagram Success Academy.

They come with worksheets and other resources and are usually £297 if bought individually.

I did the Getting Started With Podcasting in January 2020 and it contained everything I needed to launch the podcast and made it a lot less scary!

Finally, if you were looking to book the 2022 Sorted event it is £199 and you can do so here: 2021 Sorted Event

There are lots of free resources on Janet’s website

How much time do you have to set aside to do the Build Your Online Audience Programme?

Like any online programme, the more time and effort you put in, the more you will get from it.

On a regular week, if you were to attend Office Hour and a class from BYOA, it would be around 2.5 to three hours, plus some time for homework.

If you were taking part in a course, if they’re live, they are usually  one and a half hour sessions, plus homework.

For instance, I did the Podcasting course in January and February so each week I had 90 minutes on the live call then preparation work for my podcast.

But I needed to get the podcast out there and the accountability of the course meant I did it, even in lockdown.

Other members have been to one class, used advice from the session and won a £46,000 client.

So the answer is that it varies. Do what you can and don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get to everything.

If you do a round of BYOA and you fall behind, you can pick it up on the next round.

Is there anything else I need to know?

One last thing to mention is the Get It Done sessions. These are group co-working sessions on Zoom.

Each week you can attend up to three but they fill up fast. You book in and log in to Zoom at the time of your slot.

You share the task you’re going to complete in the chat box and do it on the call with between six and eight other members.

After 45 minutes everyone is unmuted and shares how they got on. This is brilliant for productivity.

They are also good if you’ve missed a session in the programme as you can catch up on the Get It Done call.

Do you have any more questions?

I hope I’ve done a comprehensive job of explaining how the programme works with lots of examples.

If you’ve listened to the podcast, thank you, I wanted to paint a bit of a picture of my experience of it.

I think I’ve covered everything, but if you do have any questions, you can e mail me on the contact form here.

Finally, if you’ve found this content helpful and join by using this affiliate link, I would be so grateful.

Do come and say hi too!

Find out more about Janet Murray’s Build Your Online Audience: Build your online audience*

Check out the Janet Murray Media Diary: Media Diary 2021*

Learn about Janet Murray’s event: 2022 Sorted*

Listen to the Janet Murray Podcast: The Janet Murray Show

If you found this content helpful, you might like to read Questions to ask before joining an online course or membership.

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