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What to expect from the Courageous Content Planner and Live event with Janet Murray

Oct 21, 2021 | Content Marketing Tips, Podcasts


Are you thinking of going to Content Marketing expert Janet Murray’s Courageous Content Live event or buying the Courageous Content planner?

Janet is a social media and content marketing expert and the host of the Courageous Content podcast and helps small business owners be brave when it comes to sharing their work online.

Putting yourself out there can be scary, and her products and systems are designed to help entrepreneurs overcome this so they can attract more clients and make more sales.

Three years ago I found Janet’s podcast and it helped take me from being a clueless freelance who waited for the phone to ring to having a successful online business.

I’m an affiliate of Janet’s because having her in my corner has had a huge impact on my business.

In this podcast I’m sharing what to expect from her planner and event.

If it inspires you to buy, if you use my code CCLIVERACHEL you’ll receive a 10 per cent discount and I will be paid a commission but this doesn’t affect the price you pay.

You can listen in on the player link below or carry on reading as a blog post.

What is Courageous Content all about?

It can be really scary, posting online, putting ourselves out there on social media and talking about what it is that we do, how we help people, and what our product or service is.

We worry about people judging us, we worry about people thinking, ‘oh, what’s she doing?’ ‘She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,’ ‘Who the hell does he or she think she is saying that they’re an expert on this?’  Or, ‘Why are they always shouting about their product?’

These are all the things that go through our minds when we’re talking about putting ourselves out there and putting content out on social media.

We are being vulnerable. And we need to overcome these feelings and be brave for our businesses to grow, and that’s what Janet has created Courageous Content for.

What is the Courageous Content planner?

It’s a desk diary where you can find awareness days and key dates to inspire your social media posts, and ideas for blogs and media pitches.

An A4 desk diary, it has space for your ideas, listings of the awareness days, plus guides on how to craft your posts and checklists.

It comes in four different cover designs, Leopard, Cheetah, Poppies and Forest and the price is £47.

You can buy the diary here and use CCLIVERACHEL at checkout for 10 per cent off.

The four styles of Courageous Content planner for 2022.

What is Courageous Content Live?

It’s a two day virtual content planning event for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs, taking place this November 2nd and 3rd.

It’s a two day online event for business owners who want to be consistent with their content.

At the event, you’ll get to listen to talks on how to improve your content marketing from experts including Osmaan Sharif, Amy Mitchell and Amy Woods, and Janet.

There’s time for networking with other business owners, all from the comfort of your home, and you can watch the event in the pop up Facebook group and join in the networking on Zoom.

The cost of the event is £197 and includes your diary, the recordings and a ton of other goodies. Buy your ticket here and use CCLIVERACHEL for 10 per cent off at the checkout.

How does it all fit together?

Janet has a system of creating content and focuses on four types of posts.

These are News, Inspire, Community and Educate.

At the event delegates will learn about how to use this to create social media content and have it mapped out for you.

And by the end of the two days if you follow the sessions and do the work, you will create 48 posts, 24 graphics and have 12 video ideas.

This will help you stay consistent on social media, enabling your business and your audience to grow.

What’s the impact of being more courageous with your content?

This is how I feel being courageous with your content impacts on your business.

The courage you gain, where you no longer give a stuff what people think, means you can be more consistent.

The consistency leads to more sales and helps you grow your business.

By putting yourself out there, more people know about you.

You get recommendations and referrals and you can become the go to person.

You can show your personality and your values and what you stand for.

Your content can catch the eyes of journalists so you can get press coverage.

And ultimately, you attract clients and make money.

Want to get 10 per cent off your planner or ticket for the live event?

If you’d like to grab a bargain, I have a 10 per cent discount code.

Use CCLIVERACHEL at checkout, and if you’re at the event, come and say hi!

Check out the Courageous Content Planner – an A4 desk planner packed with content ideas/prompts, planning templates, and checklists.

Here’s the link for Courageous Content Live – a virtual content planning event for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs, taking place this November.

Listen to Jan’s Courageous Content podcast

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