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What to expect from the Get Your Pet Business in the Press Programme

Jan 14, 2022 | Get in the Press, Podcasts

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Would you love to raise the profile of your pet business by being featured in the media?

If so, taking part in the 12 week Get Your Pet Business in the Press programme will give you everything you need to find stories in your pet business and share them with journalists.

In this podcast episode, you’ll find everything you need to know about what happens when you join the course.

Plus interviews from Jo Sellers, a dog trainer at Pippins Pets, Luxury Dog Hampers founder Karen Rhodes and Jo Milnes from Distinctive Pets.

You can listen in on the player link below or carry on reading as a blog post.

What is the Get Your Pet Business in the Press programme

It’s a coaching programme for pet professionals who want to elevate themselves above their competitors by appearing in the media.

The focus is on securing traditional media coverage, so being featured in newspapers, magazines, on TV or the radio and on news websites.

Inside, you learn to do your own PR so you don’t have to hire anyone to do it for you – PR can cost from £500 to £6000 a month – often on at least a three month retainer.

The programme is made up of live calls, video tutorials, templates, worksheets and checklists plus support from me throughout.

What’s does talking part in the programme involve?

The course takes place over 12 weeks. The idea is that you commit to making getting in the press your focus for the time you’re on the course.

The live coaching sessions take place on Zoom, every Wednesday at 4pm.

Being on Zoom means you’re able to ask questions and get personalised feedback for your business.

You will have lifetime access to the recordings to refer back to.

It’s not a self-paced course that you work through in your own time – only 10 per cent of online courses are ever completed and this method ensures this isn’t one of them.

Here are the dates, times and details of each session. All times are GMT.

Module One – Wednesday 26th January – 4pm

In this module we look at your pet business message and define what it is you do and how you bring value to your customers so you can be clear and confident when pitching.

Module Two – Wednesday 2nd February – 4pm

You’ll learn how to create a press kit, so when you’re approached by the media you can give them everything that they need.

Module Three – Wednesday 9th February – 4pm

Where would you love to feature? You’ll make a media wish list where you drill down on the publications and outlets you’d like to appear in.

Implementation week

Module Four – Wednesday 23rd February – 4pm

What makes a story? We look at the different types of stories journalists look for so you can figure out how to find these in your pet business.

Module Five –  Wednesday 2nd March – 4pm

What stories do you already have? I’ll help you come up with a range of stories about your pet business and even if you don’t think you have any, rest assured, you will.

Module Six – Wednesday 9th March – 4pm

In this session you’ll learn how to write a pitch and how to write a press release that journalists will be interested in using.

Implementation week

Module Seven – Wednesday 23rd March – 4pm

Discover how to use social media to find publicity opportunities and the dos and don’ts when approaching reporters.

Module Eight – Wednesday 30th March – 4pm

Learn how to prepare for an interview and what to do in a crisis.

As part of the course there is a mock interview with a journalist (not me) who will chat to you about your pitch or press release to give you experience of what to expect and boost your confidence.

Module Nine – Wednesday April 6th – 4pm

We’ll bring together everything from the programme and discuss how to follow up effectively so you become the go-to person for journalists, plus we’ll make a publicity plan for the next 12 months.

Bonus – Meet The Journalist – Wednesday April 13th – 4pm

You meet a journalist, and get the opportunity to ask them what kind of stories they look for. Pet business owners have appeared in in glossy magazines and huge newspapers thanks to this session.

Member’s only podcast

Recap on any of the sessions by tuning in to the private, member’s only podcast that you will have access to during your time on the course.

What other support do you get?

As part of your programme you will also be invited to the group coaching sessions inside my membership programme made up of pet professionals who have already completed the course.

Each month in the membership we have three calls.

One is a workshop, a guest expert or a meet the journalist session.

One is an Accountability call and the final call is a Q and A session.

You will be invited to each of these calls and what you learn will complement everything that’s covered in the 12 week programme.

Facebook community

During your time in the programme, you will be part of the private Facebook community.

Inside you’ll find pet business owners, united by a common passion for wanting to stand out and be the stellar petpreneur in their field.

In addition to the live classes for each module, you’ll be invited to regular Q&A and accountability sessions.

And there will be extra workshops to complement what you’re learning about press coverage to help you find new and innovative ways to get your brand out there.

You’ll also have e mail support during the 12 week course so if you have any questions about a story idea pitch or press release, just drop me a line.

Got a question about the programme or would you like to book a call? Click here to arrange a chat.

How to save your place

The investment for the programme is £900 or you can pay three installments of £300.

Click here to save your space.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Karen Rhodes website: https://luxurydoghampers.co.uk/

Jo Sellers website: https://www.pippinpetsdogtraining.co.uk/

Jo Milnes website: https://distinctivepets.co.uk/

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